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Phase 1

During this phase, our focus will be on introducing more IPs to the ecosystem and constructing a more intricate NFT Network.
  • Launch 1Combo on Ethereum Mainnet
  • Incentivize the activation of more NFT Share
  • Incentivize the creation of more NFT derivative works

Phase 2

During this phase, we will focus on incubating ecosystem applications based on NFT Network.
  • Integration in Social dApps
  • Integration in Game dApps
  • Integration in Airdrop dApps

Phase 3

During this phase, we will deploy 1Combo across more chains and connect independent NFT Networks from different chains.
  • Launch 1Combo on Solana
  • Support remixing NFTs across chains
  • Support viewing the omnichain NFT Network
  • Launch 1Combo on EVM-compatible L2
  • Launch 1Combo in Move Ecosystem