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1Combo is a crypto-native NFT 2.0 protocol that gives users the power to fuse NFTs and create new NFTs, while also recording the relationships between them on the blockchain.

The Problem

1Combo, born from a passionate group of BAYC enthusiasts, aims to resolve a pressing issue in the rapidly growing NFT world: limited utility.
As CoinGecko and Blockchain Research Lab's survey reveals, utility is the top motivation for NFT purchases, with three-quarters of buyers considering how much utility a collection offers before buying. Despite the increasing use of NFTs as memberships and gaming assets, the majority are merely collected and lack profitable on-chain interactions, discouraging potential buyers.
To address this, 1Combo introduces an engaging solution: NFT Collection Challenges. These are akin to treasure hunts, where collecting specific NFTs rewards you with a new exclusive NFT. This not only amplifies the excitement of collecting NFTs but also potentially boosts their value by unlocking new features.

The Solution

1Combo introduces the innovative ERC721X protocol, a cutting-edge extension of the existing ERC721 protocol.
The new protocol enables users to create new NFTs by fusing multiple existing ones, following a customizable combination rule. Further, the ERC721X protocol facilitates transparency and extensibility by allowing other smart contracts to check the relationships between original and newly created NFTs.
Take, for example, an NFT collection titled "CryptoCreatures." According to the combination rule, combining an NFT of a fire-element creature with a water-element creature yields a unique steam-element creature NFT. This enables collectors to engage actively in the creation of exclusive NFTs by fusing their existing "CryptoCreatures" NFTs according to the predetermined rules. Additionally, the links between the newly minted steam-element creature and the original fire and water-element creatures are publicly stored on-chain, accessible to any smart contract.
This innovative approach empowers everyone to create unique NFTs by fusing several existing ones via a tailored NFT Collection Challenge.
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