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1Combo is an open NFT combination tool which enables everyone to combine two or more NFTs to create a new NFT.

What's an NFT Combo?

An NFT Combo is a merger of two or more NFTs and is traceable on-chain.
There is literally a myriad of Combos you can create. If you can imagine it, you can probably mint it. Below we provide 4 different examples to give you some inspiration.
Firstly, we have Web3 PFPs. Personalize and accessorize your NFT depending on your mood, style and the occasion. Dress up your NFT for a fancy party, a holiday celebration or a sports event. Then, experiment with Derivative Art. Utilize serums, evolution pills or magic chants to give your NFT a completely different aesthetic. While at it, why not play around with the limitless possibilities of Game NFTs. Upgrade your NFTs from one game and use them to open new frontiers in another. Finally, explore the endless potential of the IP Market. Establish collaborations with brands and NFT collections and leverage 1Combo technology to bring them to life.

NFT2.0: Interactivity and Combinations

The NFT era commenced with the BAYC, CryptoPunks, and other NFT 1.0 projects. NFT 1.0 is important because it introduced the world to the concepts of digital ownership and Non-Fungible Tokens. It also enabled artists and creators to take control of their work and get the financial rewards they deserve.
Just like any other technology, NFTs have also evolved. In NFT2.0, users can do much more with their NFTs. Among other things, NFTs can now be co-owned, rented, and customized. We could say, therefore, that NFT 2.0 allows for greater extensibility and interactivity.
NFT2.0 Example
CryptoKitties was one of the first Interactive NFT projects. Users could interact with their CryptoKitties by "breeding" them to make a new CryptoKitty NFT. This process created a random new NFT and allowed users to do more with their NFTs.
At 1Combo, we believe that NFT combinations provide an incredible medium for users to benefit from NFT 2.0 technology and enjoy their NFTs. Currently, most NFTs stay in people's wallets, and sometimes their owners forget they even have them. Imagine how much more fun owning an NFT would be if you could interact with it, customize it and pour part of your personality into it. You could change your CryptoPunk's gender, give your Bored Ape kung-fu powers and build an "All-Star NBA Team" bundle NFT with your favorite players. Your NFT wouldn't just be an asset in your portfolio but a piece of art you co-created.

What's 1Combo?

In 1Combo, you can easily mint NFT Combos with one click!
1Combo is open to all NFT owners and creators. The platform gives NFT owners a great selection of tools to mint unique Combos and provides creators with a space to express and monetize their creativity.
NFT owners can use their Combos to mint new Combos and can dismantle their Combos at any time.
When a Combo is minted, all relevant information is recorded on the blockchain. Such information includes, but is not limited to, how the Combo was minted, what the Combo looks like and which NFTs were used to mint the Combo.
We should also note that all Combos minted on 1Combo are compatible with the current NFT infrastructure. As such, Combos can be sold on all marketplaces.

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