Key Concepts


A Combo refers to a unique, newly minted NFT derivative work that is created by remixing multiple existing NFTs. In 1Combo, selecting the Combo button will lead you to create a new NFT derivative work.

Combo Magic & Combo Collection

Combo Magic, also called 'Magic', is a template for creating NFT derivative works. "Magic" contains one or more Stickers or Potions. When 'Magic' is applied to a target NFT collection, it generates a new NFT derivative collection known as 'Combo Collection'.

Sticker & Potion

In 1Combo, text, images, audio, videos, and even Mid-Journey's prompt can be remixed with the original NFT to generate NFT derivative works. These text, images, audio, videos, and Mid-Journey's prompt are referred to as Sticker or Potion.

NFT Derivatives

Multiple existing NFTs can be remixed to create a new NFT derivative work, also known as NFT derivatives or "Combo". All NFTs in a Combo Collection are NFT derivatives.

NFT Network

Using the NFT network, the relationship between the original NFT and its derivative works can be identified and tracked on the blockchain.

NFT License

In 1Combo, individuals can not only remix multiple NFTs they own to create derivative works, but also have the ability to license NFTs in diverse ways. NFT holders are encouraged to grant others permission to use their NFTs in the remixing of NFTs.

Share to Earn

"Share to Earn" is one type of NFT license that allows other users to trade shares of your NFT license and enables you to profit from it. These traded shares can be used as the original NFT to be remixed with other NFTs and create new NFT derivative works.

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