Creator Economy

1Combo aims at an open IP ecosystem. Within the 1Combo ecosystem, there are 5 types of participants: NFT holders, NFT Share traders, NFT derivative works investors, Combo Magic creators and Combo Collection creators. Every participant can benefit fairly from the growth of IP.

Next, we will introduce the economic models of these participants.

NFT Holders

NFT holders possess both IP ownership and IP license rights. With these rights, they can create and trade derivative works. Additionally, they can activate the "NFT Share" features for their NFTs, allowing others to trade shares of the NFT's License. Once activated, NFT holders can obtain one free share and also benefit from 5% tax on each share trade.

NFT Share Traders

According to the Bonding Curve of NFT Share, the more shares sold, the higher the price of each share. NFT Share traders profit by buying shares of a particular NFT and selling them when the share price rises, with a tax rate of 10%.

NFT Derivative Works Investors

Investors in NFT derivative works profit by purchasing shares of a specific NFT and using that share to create licensed NFT derivative works. All derivative works licensed by a particular NFT can equally divide the 2.5% tax from each of its share trade.

The remaining 2.5% tax from each NFT Share trade goes to 1Combo as protocol revenue.

Combo Magic Creators

Combo Magic creators are whitelisted derivative artists. When these artists reimagine a particular IP, they might need additional IPs like fonts, images, videos, audios, or even Mid-journey Prompts. These additional IPs can be converted into NFTs for rights registration and pricing, and then be bundled into a Combo Magic. When other users utilize this Combo Magic to generate derivative works, the creators of these additional IPs can earn profits.

1Combo takes a 2.5% fee from the profits of these additional IP sales as protocol revenue.

Combo Collection Creators

The core tasks of Combo Collection creators include idea discovery and community operations. They have a keen sense of active market participants. Additionally, they understand which target Collection should receive a specific Combo Magic to boost the sales of derivative works. They can set a mint fee for each derivative works to earn profits. 1Combo takes an additional one dollar from each mint as protocol revenue.

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