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IP & Open IP

The internet is flooded with fresh content every day. But with the traditional IP infrastructure, IP registration and licensing is challenging for digital creators. The rapid creation of digital content has eclipsed the slower pace of IP registration, leaving much of this content unprotected. This means digital creators can't fairly earn from their work's spread.

Traditional IP InfrastructureOpen IP Infrastructure

IP Registration

Long waits, heaps of paperwork, and tedious back-and-forths.

An NFT represents intellectual property; the owner of the NFT holds the rights to the IP.

IP Licensing

Lengthy discussions, legal jargon, and case-by-case agreements.

A one-stop global IP licensing market that supports various licensing agreements.

With this backdrop, we're passionate about building an Open IP ecosystem tailored for today's digital creators. Here, with just a few clicks, creators can register, license, and monetize their content globally, without geographical or linguistic barriers.

Our Solution - 1Combo

1Combo aims at an open IP ecosystem. 1Combo is a protocol that empowers users to remix NFTs and generate new NFT derivative works, while their relationships can be traced on the blockchain.

NFT Derivatives

With 1Combo's creative tools, text, images, audio, video, and even Mid-Journey's Prompt can be remixed with the original NFT to generate unique NFT derivative works.

NFT Network

With 1Combo's remixing magic, original NFTs and their NFT derivative works are automatically linked within the on-chain NFT network.

NFT License

With 1Combo's innovative IP market, NFT holders can use a special math trick (called the bonding curve algorithm) to sell their NFT licenses in shares. People can trade these shares or use them to make new NFT derivative works.

Absolutely, users can remix their own NFTs to create new NFT derivative works. Also, with the Delegate protocol, users can grant a "hot wallet" to access an NFT from their secure "cold wallet". Then, this "hot wallet" can remix the NFT with others to create new NFT derivative works.

About Us

1Combo started with a group of passionate BAYC fans. A big shoutout to Yuga Labs - their decision to open BAYC's IP led to its impressive growth, which inspired us. Over the past year, more and more NFT OGs have joined us in building an open IP ecosystem for the global youth. Thanks for the support, and we're pushing forward with determination!

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