NFT Network

In 1Combo, the relationships between the original NFT and all its NFT derivative works are traceable on the blockchain. Here, we categorize these relationship as:

  • Parent Relationship: Connects the original NFTs to their derivatives.

  • Sibling Relationship: Binds NFT derivatives that have a common original NFT.

  • Partner Relationship: Ties together the original NFTs that were remixed to create a new one.

Using the "On-chain Map" feature in 1Combo, users can view the parent and all the children of any NFT within the NFT Network.

The NFT network woven from these relationships will become the new NFT infrastructure, bringing new possibilities for NFT applications.

A new era of NFT

1Combo is creating a fully open and decentralized network for NFTs. Accessing these relationships doesn't require permission from any third party. Any contract can access these relationships, paving the way for designing more open, engaging, and innovative NFT applications.

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