Creating Your First Template

What is a Template?

Templates show how NFTs from different Collections would look when they are combined. Anyone can design a Template. Once a Template is created, everyone on the platform can use it.
Templates as a Promotional Tool
Templates are an effective promotional tool for Add-on and Collection creators as they help generate more revenue.
Imagine, for instance, that a creator designs a Template and shares it on Twitter, Discord, Instagram or any other social media platform. If people like it, they can follow the creator's link to mint Combos using that Template. Using the Template entails deploying the creator's Add-on. The more people employ the Template, the more Add-ons creators sell, and the more revenue they generate.
Templates can also have a positive impact on Original Collections creators. If, for instance, a Template for the BAYC Collection became popular, Yuga Labs (the creator of the BAYC Collection) would also benefit. That is because part of the revenue 1Combo earns goes back to the Original Collection creators.

How to Create a Template

1) On the home page, find the "Create a Template" button.
2) Choose the Combo Collections you want to create a template for.
3) Choose the specific NFTs and Add-ons you want to combine. In the Preview Panel, among other things, you can choose the Add-on's position, angle and size. Once you complete this process, you can click "Create Template".
4) NFT owners can find your Template on their "Available Combos for my NFT" page. To use the Template, they can click the "Combo Like This" button.
5) Under "Created", "Templates", you can check your Template's statistics and share your Template on social media.