Creating Your First Add-On

What is an Add-On?

An Add-on is a complimentary NFT designed to be combined with NFTs from popular Collections such as BAYC and CryptoPunks. Add-on Collections can include hats, mutant serums, martial arts skills, hip-hop songs, mint passes, and so on. You can design any Add-on you want, but you must ensure you are not infringing on other parties' intellectual property.
Beta Version
1Combo's beta version will include stickers and fonts while the remaining Add-ons will be introduced later.

How to Create an Add-on Tutorial

1) On the home page, click "Design Add-ons".
2) Submit the required materials.
3) You can now see a preview of what your Add-on looks when combined with your Collection of choice. Here, you can also make Add-on optimizations. On this page, you can play with color, size, angle, position etc. You can give your Add-on a name, write a description, decide how much quantity will be available and set its price. When satisfied with the result, you can click the "Add to Collection" button on the left-hand side. You can repeat the same process with all the Add-ons you wish to upload.
4) When you upload all the Add-ons for that Collection, you can click the "Submit" button on the right-hand side. Your Collection will appear in "My Wallet", and your Add-ons will become available on 1Combo. When users are on the "Mint a Combo" page, they will see all available Add-ons, and they can then use the search bar to find the Add-ons they like. Once they choose their Add-on, they will see a preview of their Combo. When satisfied with the result, they can give their Combo a name, pay the Combo fee and then mint it!
5) Under "My Wallet", "Created", "Accessories", you have access to a wide range of information about the Add-ons you designed. Such information includes; the number of Add-ons you created, the number of people owning your Add-ons, the number of Combos created with your Add-ons, the total volume of your sales in ETH, as well as your Total Earnings and Available Earnings.
6) You can design Templates to promote your Add-ons and Collections. Popular templates can lead to more sales and generate greater profits.
7) You can also sell your Add-ons on OpenSea.