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Mint your first NFT derivative work

Even if you don't own any NFTs, you can buy a share of someone else's NFT license to create your first NFT derivative work (known as a Combo). Trust me, it'll forge a special connection between you and the original NFT holder.

1/4 - Connect Your Wallet

On the 1Combo homepage (, click "Launch App" and connect your wallet.

Once connected, you'll see a list of NFTs you can use, including ones you own, ones others have delegated to you, and ones others have shared with you.

2/4 - Explore Combo Collections

Click on the NFT you want to mint a Combo with, and you will see what Combo Collections have already been created for your NFT. If you like any of the available options, click “Combo” and start the combo minting process.

3/4 - Mint a Combo

After choosing the available parent NFTs, you can still click the “Mint Combo” button to see how your Combo will look.

If you are satisfied with the way the Combo looks, click “Confirm” and sign the transaction on your wallet.

4/4 - Review the Combo

To view your Combo, just tap the wallet icon in the top right, then select "Combos." You'll find all your minted Combos listed there.

Moreover, you can still click on the Combo and click the "On-chain map" button to view your Combo in the NFT network.

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