Open to every NFT holder, NFT creator and NFT artists

Version 1 - Sticker Combinations

In its first iteration, 1Combo will support personalization of NFTs in the form of “Stickers”. Artists will be able to design different types of accessories (hats, hairstyles, sunglasses, uniforms, etc.), and users will be able to add them on top of their NFTs in a sticker-like manner to create exciting Combos. To make the combo minting experience as interactive and personalized as possible, 1Combo will give users the ability to adjust each accessory’s size, position and angle.

Version 2 - Alchemy Combinations

In its second version, 1Combo will bring more excitement and possibilities to the concept of NFT combinations. Similarly to the mutant serums and the MAYC collection, 1Combo will empower users to become alchemists and transform their NFTs into something completely different. Just like an alchemist, a user will be able to use elixirs to create 3D versions of 2D NFTs and animate 3D avatars to perform dance choreographies and martial art moves. Additionally, users will have the ability to use 1Combo to upgrade NFTs from other games. The upgraded NFTs can subsequently be used in their native games to help players achieve their goals.
  • Testnet launch: November 2022
  • Mainnet launch: December 2022

Version 3 - IP Markets

In its third iteration, 1Combo will revolutionize the Web3 IP market by creating a platform to facilitate NFT licensing. Artists, directors and creators will be able to draft contracts stating the type of license they want to purchase from NFT owners and describe what the NFTs will be used for. If NFT owners agree to the terms, they could license their digital assets for a certain fee. These licenses could concern anything from Derivative Art creation to Comic Book writing and Film Production.
  • Testnet launch: May 2023
  • Mainnet launch: June 2023