Advanced Combos

For more experienced creators, 1Combo offers some advanced options. These options allow creators to tailor their Combos' Mint Rule and design Combo Collections with specific variables. Advanced Combos consist of three features: Boundaries, Sets and Restrictions.


Upper and Lower Boundaries dictate how many NFTs can be used in a Combo. That is useful for Combos which require a specific number of NFTs.
The number of players allowed to play in a sports team is specific. Thus, users trying to mint the "Best NBA Team" or the "Best FIFA Team" Combo are limited to how many NFTs they can use to mint those Combos. Since a basketball team has 5 players and a soccer team has 11, to mint the Best Team NFT, we would need Upper and Lower Boundaries of 5 and 11, respectively.
When rare player NFTs are combined, they can create rarer and more valuable Combos. That could enable holders to sell their Combos at higher prices.


A Set is a group of Collections. The "Hat Collection", the "Sunglasses Collection", and the "Necklace Collection", for instance, all belong to the Accessories Set. If the mint rule of Combo Collection includes a Set, we can use any Collection from that Set to mint a Combo. Set creators can add new Collections to their Sets at any point. They cannot, however, delete existing Collections as this might impact users who have already used that Collection.
A Music Set could include R&B, House, and Classical music Collections. An Accessories Set could include Hat, Sunglasses and Neckless Collections. A Dance Set could include Ballet, Hip Hop and Contemporary Collections.
Creators can use Sets to produce new Combo Collections. The creator of many different music NFTs can create a Music Set that incorporates all their NFTs. Subsequently, the creator can use that Set to Create the BAYC Music Set Combo Collection.


Combo Collection creators can decide how many times an NFT can be used in their Combo Collection. These restrictions apply to Combos which involve unlocked NFTs, namely Soft and Hybrid Combos.
[Picture] (restrictions)
The creator of the "BAYC Martial Arts Combo Collection" decides that each BAYC NFT can be used up to three times to mint Combos in that Collection. The creator does this to ensure that different users will use different NFTs to mint a wide range of distinct Combos. In this case, the holder of the BAYC #7658 could mint a BAYC Karate Combo, a BAYC Thai Boxing Combo and a BAYC Tai Chi Combo.